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The physical layout of your premises plays a significant role in how your wireless network is put together. We set up indoor, outdoor and warehouse wireless networks.
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Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

Products that score high on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant are rated the best in the world. These are the products we use for our solutions. Our Gartner wireless technologies of choice are Ruckus and Fortinet. However, our expertise is not limited to these devices. We configure and support just about every other wireless access points on the market.

The physical layout of your building plays a significant role in how your wireless network is put together. While installing and maintaining the wireless network in an office environment is fairly straight forward, there are special considerations when installing wireless technology in other environments such as warehouses. Handheld scanners, forklifts, cherry pickers, people, shelving and pallets all have an impact on the configuration, implementation and performance of the network.

When it’s not possible to connect two buildings on the same premises using cables, we deploy outdoor wireless technology to bridge the gap – literally and figuratively. In simple terms: computers in one building are connected via wireless technology to computers in another building on the same premises using wireless connectivity. In this instance, we do not use your wireless internet connection. We use pure wireless technology because it’s faster, more efficient and does not draw on internet bandwidth.

We’re an IT company, so of course, we like gadgets and gizmos. Our wireless capabilities extend to the Audio-Visual space. We put together wireless interactive boardrooms, video conferencing facilities and more.