Local area network setup & support


Fibre & last mile wireless


Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Fibre, Wireless


Design and implementation


While the whole world seems to be wireless, network cables still play a vital role. In fact, in certain instances connecting to the network via a network cable is the better way to go.
Local Area Network - Technical Outsource

Infrastructure installations and support

We offer and deliver high-quality network cabling installations for data, VOIP and wireless solutions. Once we’ve got a firm grasp of your needs, plans and budget, we spec the infrastructure to meet your expectations while providing for future growth and development.

Our team will install the physical cabling and cabinets as well as take care of the networking devices that go with it, i.e. switches, etc. Should you already have an existing local area network, we will support, troubleshoot and rectify any problems.

Our expertise in the field of network cabling also puts us ahead of the pack when it comes to CCTV. For CCTV installations it is of vital importance to know the often overlooked details. These include cable length for maximum performance, routing of cables in relation to electricity and so on. Environmental factors include risk mitigation for lightning, coastal weather, extreme heat, extreme cold etc.

Physical cabling will continue to form the backbone of internal communication in business for a long time into the future. We will make sure you have the right structure in place, be it CAT6 or Fibre.