In memory of our Founder

Mike Spies

Mike Spies interview with John Robbie

Mike…Wow, what a man.

He had the most amazing mind.  There was NOTHING he could not do when he put his mind to it.  When the chips were down, and there was nowhere else to turn, Mike was your man.  His career spanned the IT hardware world, and he was, without a doubt, one of the best Unix Engineers this country has ever seen.

Mike started Technical Outsource in 2005.  He led us through good times and bad, economically tough and – prosperous times. He was always in front, leading the way, showing us how, teaching us.  He often threw us in the deep end, and then taught us how to swim.  He believed in us and showed us that we are capable of so much more than we think. He challenged us out of our comfort zones and loved watching us grow.

Mike was a straight down the line kind of man.  He had a strong belief system and stood firmly for what is right.  He was a fantastic businessman who truly cared for the people around him.  His relationships stretched so much further than doing business and sorting out problems.  He was a human being… who always had time for another human being.

He loved green tea and ‘moer koffie’ and always made sure there were muffins at meetings.

In 2014, Eugene nominated Mike as a 702 Hero for the extraordinary man and boss he was.  He was awarded 702 Hero of the month for March 2014.  What a proud moment!  That award summed up so beautifully who Mike was: a good businessman, a wonderful boss, a fantastic human being.

His favourite word:  WHY? 

His favourite instruction:  DRAW PICTURES!

His biggest frustration:  Find the fault!

One of his famous sayings:  OK Boiky, take it easy!

Sadly, in December 2014, Mike was ripped out of our lives unexpectedly.

We miss you, Mike.

You left a huge gap in our lives.

We strive to carry forward your remarkable legacy and make you proud.