Rotational technicians check on backups, update software and continually develop your network


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Rotational technicians


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IT Technicians

Our team is made up of an awesome mix of skills and personalities. We combine experience with youth and throw in a bit of character for spice. As a collective, we tick all the boxes and seamlessly become a part of your team.
I.T. Technicians - Technical Outsource

We've got your back!

We are in the privileged position of understanding how the entire tech picture you need fits together. We set up everything you need from planning to installing the backbone, pulling cables and configuring your firewall and servers. It doesn’t end there!

Our team members are highly experienced in their respective disciplines, but also overlap and support members in other disciplines. When you are experiencing network problems, you will witness the teamwork at its finest. When the team put their old school experience and new-age tech–heads together, magic happens.

When we become part of your team, you will meet JP. His field of expertise is servers and firewalls. Tumi is our CCTV and access control expert. Dobro is our backup specialist. You will also meet Solly and John who install cabling, cabinets, switches, patch panels and brush panels and wireless access points.

Need a quick hand? Any member of the team will be happy to assist you with your desktops, printers, phone systems, networking and application support.

So, whether it is a frustrating user problem or a crippling ransomware attack – we’ve got your back.

Our responsibility is to keep your business running. To do this successfully, we make sure that more than one person knows your site intimately. When “life happens”, we are by your side, getting you back on track quickly and efficiently.