The Disaster Recovery Strategy we set up for you allows you to pick up and continue where you left off


Bespoke strategy based on needs and budget


On-premises, off-premises and via cloud


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Recovery Strategy

Every business has at one stage or another experienced data loss. Devices get lost and stolen, servers crash and natural disasters happen. Whatever the size of your business, it can be devastating if there is no recovery strategy in place. Here's how we help you!
Disaster recovery planning

Your strategy, your hardware and your software

Your Strategy

The size of your business and the price of being unable to function are some of the factors that play a role when we put a Disaster Recovery Strategy in place.

How much revenue will you lose if your business stops functioning? How long can you afford to be down? How much data do we need to back up?

Our solutions include a Document Management System that keeps physical documents in tamper-proof electronic format. When Mother Nature flexes her muscle, and physical documents are lost, this goes a long way towards keeping the company afloat. We work with you to identify all the data that needs to be backed up. Your stamp of approval and agreement on this is of utmost importance.

Your Hardware

Onsite servers are replicated to Cloud-Based backup- and fail-over solutions. This option allows for fail-over to a live server within 15 minutes. For smaller clients (with more modest budgets), our service offering includes daily, weekly and monthly offsite hosting and restore facilities.

Your Software

It’s important to remember that your backed-up data is only as good as the ability to restore it. We regularly run ‘restore tests’ to ensure your data is ready on demand. The tests allow us to check that the software is operating optimally and we can iron out any glitches ahead of time.

Once the strategy has been customised to your specific needs, our technical team gets down to work implementing the plan for you.