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Backups are equal in importance to doing the work in the first place.
Backup planning

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Without reliable backups the costs associated with rebuilding and recreating systems and redoing work skyrocket before you know it. Not only do you stand to lose money due to unproductive employees sitting around waiting while the systems are being recreated, but the ones doing the recreating are doing the same work twice – a total waste of time and money.

Attempting to recover a failed server without having installed the appropriate software is every systems administrator’s nightmare. Without the right tools, a system restore that takes minutes can take days and may not even be possible.

Numerous products help eliminate downtime by offering failover and redundancy solutions. However, the critical issue is that those products do not help once a machine becomes unbootable. The quickest and easiest way of restoring a failed server or workstation is by implementing an image-based Disaster Recovery Solution (See Recovery Software).

The backup solutions we offer include cloud backup, on-site backup and off-site backup. We make sure all data that is critical to your business is backed up. After the Disaster Recovery consultation, we execute and schedule processes, so you are covered at all times. We use our data centre to host backup servers and storage devices for the live replication of virtual servers.

Cloud Backup

  • Backup all data be it on servers, PCs, Macs, IOS devices, Android devices, SQL or Exchange.
  • Unlimited version history – protect an unlimited number of devices and preserve unlimited version history.
  • Anomaly detection for protection against ransomware attacks
  • Centralised management dashboard.

Regular testing

  • Recover files, folders and entire images with unlimited testing.

Proactive alerts

  • Optional – 15 Minute fail-over to cloud backup becoming a live working environment with remote desktop access to servers or VPN.