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Many businesses have switched over to VOIP switchboards because they are more cost effective and flexible. 3CX will take your VOIP to a whole new level.
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Gone are the days when your telephone lines were down because of “missing copper cables”. Modern VOIP telephones have become more scalable, cost-effective and smarter than ever. With VOIP, calls are not much more than your monthly internet bill. Least cost routing further reduces monthly expenses by up to 35%.

Hosted or physical VoIP PBXs

When it comes to VOIP solutions, there are none better than 3CX. The Gartner recommended system can be set up to incorporate standard IP phones and wireless IP phones. Our solution is ideal for the office environment, factories, warehouses and more. If your needs include a call centre or large-scale telephony system, we can scale up the system. Whatever your needs, we have the technical resources to implement the solution.

Package solutions include

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Mobile phone interface
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Find out how 3CX can satisfy your day-to-day communications needs. With 3CX, you can receive calls while out of the office, boost sales productivity, switch to face-to-face meetings and much more. This video shows you some major features and benefits of 3CX and just how easy they are to use.

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