Making a difference

 It was with great excitement that our entire team went to the dealership to take delivery of the vehicles. Our main drivers were honoured to drive their brand new cars off the showroom floor. On that day, the founders, Mike and Lize, made a deal with the drivers. In 5 years time, once paid off, the vehicles will be given to the driver. This win-win gave the main drivers an incentive to take care of the vehicle as if it were his own – which it would be.

Sadly, Mike passed away before witnessing the handover of the first vehicle. It was thus with great pride and bittersweet nostalgia that we were able to honour this deal in 2019. The Chevy Utility used by Solly is in great condition after the 5 years and he is now the proud owner.

Thank you Solly, for being the rock-solid and reliable team member that you are! Enjoy every kilometre in your own wheels!

Mike – it feels good to carry forward your Legacy. We will continue to make you proud.

Solly's new wheels