Every minute of every day, somewhere in the world, there is an extremely frustrated systems administrator futilely trying to recover a failed server without the benefit of a tool designed expressly for this purpose. Without one, a recovery can take anything from 2 hours to 2 days and cost thousands of Rands.

There are numerous products that help eliminate down time by offering fail-over and redundancy. However, the important issue is that those products do not help once a machine becomes unbootable. The quickest and easiest way of restoring a failed Windows server or workstation is by implementing an image based Disaster Recovery solution like Ultrabac Software's UBDR Gold.



With UBDR Gold, live snapshots can be periodically stored on the network for easy disaster recovery retrieval – simply boot the dead machine and restore the operating system partition in as little as 5 minutes. UBDR Gold may also be used for provisioning, roll-back or any other need that might require a quick restore or creation of a server.

For a Disaster Recovery tool to be of benefit, it must be extremely reliable in both taking a snapshot and in its ability to boot and recover the image successfully. With UBDR Gold, it's possible to not only restore an OS to the same machine, but also to recover to a totally different hardware configuration. Images can also be restored to a Virtual environment.




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