Why not get I.T people to handle the I.T so that you can focus on your core business? For some of us it makes the most sense to just employ an I.T. person full time. We do agree....only problem is: What happens when that person goes on leave or is sick?

Our service offering is structured around regular site visits where we take care of everything computers and connectivity. We have a team of Technicians, ensuring redundancy around people and skills pertaining to your site, staff and setup.

A general checklist / to-do list for onsite Technicians:

  • Communication between branches (this includes VPN's)
  • Connectivity (ADSL, Diginet, 3G, Wireless)
  • Network connectivity within the building


  • Checks include disc space, general health and performance
  • Anti-Virus
  • Application based output i.e. printing


  • Preventative maintenance, including disc defragging and virus scans
  • Anti-Virus updates
  • Application based output, i.e. Email, MS Word, printing, etc


  • Connectivity between servers and work stations
  • Wireless connectivity


  • Making sure that backups were successful for the previous day
  • Making sure that user backups are configured and working
  • Attending to any backup failures


  • Attend to all incidents logged by users onsite.
  • This includes loading / reloading of machines, transferring data, setting up new machines and other general problems reported by staff.