We have partnered with Spartan, a Technology Finance Company, to assist you when you need that IT Solution urgently, but don't have the cashflow for it.                                                                                                                        

How it works:

  • Credit facility extra credit facility for ALL your  future IT purchases
  • Conserve bank lines save your bank facilities for uncertainty or growth in your business
  • Cash flow management no upfront cash outflow
  • Clean contracts straight-forward & no sneaky clauses
  • Credible banking weve partnered with Spartan, SA’s longest-running, pioneering direct rental funder


100% Software finance

  •           No hardware component required for 100% Software Finance
  •           Types of software:

·          CRM/ERP

·          specialised industry software

·          web, custom & mobile development

  •  Financing for licensing, implementations, training and customisation
  • Finance terms max 36 months, excluding annual license fees withi are over 12 months


100% Rental finance

  • Types of hardware on Rental Finance:

·          laptops, PCs, tablets, iPads, mobile

·          servers, data centres, networking

·          printers, copiers, PABX systems

·          CCTV cameras, biometric systems

  • Rental options: new hardware rental OR Buy & Rent- Back 
  • 5-in-1 rental:  funder/advisor/supplier/insurer/warranty manager
  • Rental terms: 12-60 months, or usually over 36 months


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