We currently manage a total of 86 domains on a Dedicated server hosted at our Data Center. We offer a variety of hosting packages ranging from 5 mailboxes to 1000 mailboxes. On average, businesses prefer the Basic Hosting package which includes 100 mailboxes, 200 aliases, 5 databases and 1 FTP login.

Where big volumes of email is sent amongst staff in the same building, we suggest installing an onsite mail server. The benefit of having a local mail server include saving on internet bandwidth as well as instant message delivery to recipients within the same building.

We install Microsoft Exchange and Linux servers for this purpose:

  • Exchange: Up to Exchange 2010. Our Hosted Exchange solution enables clients to use Microsoft Exchange with all its functionality without the capital lay-out of a server and Microsoft licensing.
  • Linux: A wide variety of flavours including Red Hat, Fedora, Debian and CentOS