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Document management is widely understood to be a solution implemented so that physical sheets of paper can be stored in electronic format.  While DigiData does cover this aspect of Document management, the actual scanning of documents simply starts the life cycle of a scanned doc.  The system offers full work flow functionality with escalations and process flow of documents through your business.

Using the Image Management capabilities of the system, incoming correspondence is scanned on receipt. A reference number is automatically assigned and the key reference information is indexed to the scanned image. The scanned image is automatically stored within the File Plan Reference structure. Through the integrated workflow capabilities of the system the document is routed electronically to a user that will determine the routing criteria. From this point the system controls the routing of the document to all indicated users, and ultimately back to the archiving department for completion.

From the challenge perspective, the documents once scanned can never be lost or misplaced. Even while the document is ‘in process’, the document and any responses or related documents that are scanned into the system can be tracked and viewed by authorised users on demand.

The location of a document is always traceable. Management can view the queues of document related work assigned to each user and are alerted when such documents are not being actioned. Users in the cycle responsible for processing the document are able to add comments and notes that accompany the document through its life.

On completion of the cycle, the document, including responses, is automatically returned to the archiving department. In the final archiving stage the archivist ensures that all the responses and supporting documentation has been received, scanned and indexed, thereby insuring completeness.